Michelle Kranz  


Study of painting 2019-2020 Kolbermoor Art Academy (Felix Eckhardt)
Studied architecture at the Munich University of Applied Sciences
Diploma FOS Art & Design
2009-2014 Founding of art & children's studio
I have been working as an artist since 2014, creating commissioned works and working with galleries, schools and companies (strengthening and promoting corporate culture).


I am convinced that our environment has a great influence on our inner balance. That's why I specialize in creating works of art that can help regain this balance or even expand it further. Through my art I want to help people find their inner peace and support them in pursuing their goals. To do this, I focus intensively on the effect of colors on our bodies and our inner feelings. Each of my pictures has a desired color concept that is intended to have a certain effect on the viewer.

During the creation process, I apply the individual layers of color step by step - first the background forms the basic mood of the painting and then - layer by layer - colored circles grow until the harmonious whole with the desired effect.

why circles and Bubbles

The round shape of the circle has a calming and balancing effect on us humans. It symbolizes infinity and harmony. In nature we find organic shapes such as cells or bubbles, which are also circular. The viewer is literally sent on journeys to himself by looking at circles that grow across the picture surface - I call them "bubbles". It is fascinating to observe how a circle can continue on and on without ever having a beginning or an end - just like our own lifes with all their challenges and possibilities!


Each bubble represents a thought whose network can spread uncontrollably - I want to bring calm into the chaos of everyday life through calming circles. Because our brain always wants to find solutions to problems and thus creates a variety of topics that often seem difficult to control.


But if you learn to use your own mindfulness in a targeted manner, it becomes possible to find your own focus again - be it at work or in your private life.

My intention

My intention is to help every person find their inner balance. This includes learning the ability to pause and look consciously instead of racing past blindly. I want to help the viewer stop wanting to control everything or constantly feel under control and instead encourage them to take their own leadership.


My artwork serves as a reminder to keep sight of our needs in our own four walls.

my mood board

My mood board hangs on my studio wall as a source of inspiration. Here I find what I need in the painting process - my own instructions for choosing colors and finding tasks for the individual works of art. It is structured according to the chakras that some people know from yoga. My mood board always gives me new ideas. Which color effect I want to address, which areas of the body are associated with which task. Here I discover every day the magical power of colors and how they inspire each other and express their abilities.