By working in series, I manage to express my intention in the best possible way and support you in achieving your goals. Each new project is a constant evolution through experimentation and incorporating new ideas or inspiration. In this way, I make the best possible use of the effect of colors on us humans and constantly develop new approaches to it: sometimes white circles dominate, like in the "Bubbles" series, and direct the viewer's eye, sometimes large areas of color are in the foreground, like in the "Focus" series. Each series delves deep into its mission to help you relinquish control and take control of your own life. Through my artistic works I would like to give you the opportunity to relax, optimize your needs and promote your own development. Be inspired by the colors and shapes to enliven your senses and discover new perspectives. Each series offers a unique journey to inner peace and self-discovery.


new points of view


points of no return

get to the point

circle of being


paint and listen